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Welcome to Emancipation Day Celebration Rhode Island

Welcome to Emancipation Day Celebration Rhode Island

It's with great pleasure of mine to announce to thee All, as referred; about the coming great event ever to be–recorded in the history of the State of Rhode Island, United States, taking place at the PROVIDENCE CITY, the ancient city and capital of Rhode Island Venue of event is @ THE MUSIC TEMPLE in the ROGER WILLIAMS (the founder of Rhode Island in 1636, who preached the Gospel of SOUL–LIBERALISM towards the Emancipation of Every Human's Rights of Freedom, with the Spirit of Liberty burning in his heart and that of his wife Betsy Williams)', Park.

On...Sunday August, 4 2013 You are all, over the world are cordially invited from various walks of life, regardless of your skin color, race group, or ethnic groups or languages spoken, be it Spanish, Dutch, English, French, Chinese, Cambodians, or even self my own native language 'YORUBA, from Nigeria, ( Gbo Gbo yin Pata Pata La pe Ke wa ba jo, Ke wa ba wa yo; meaning All are invited to come & dance and rejoice with us) in the course of celebration of the EMANCIPATION DAY, which is literally a Black Heritage Carnival/Festival as a recall of our EXODUS to the Land of Promise, d land of Milk & Honey from our ROOTS as Africans or as the Caribbean's as well, or otherwise......Yes OOOOO! Music is Life!

Emancipation Day Celebration 2013

"The Celebration of people of color in remembrance of the abolition of Slavery."

    • :: Date ::

      Sunday August, 4th 2013
    • Place

      Roger Williams Park (at The Temple to Music) – Providence, Rhode Island
    • Time

      Noon 'till Dusk
    • Admission

    • :: Live Entertainment Includes ::

    • Performers Music One, Reb–1, DJ Spin, Sistah's singing 4 Christ, Talking Book, Justice League for Jesus, Paris Fisher, Brother Supreme, Sister Gianni Raye, New Force Steppers and more....

Live Entertainment, Food, Vendors, Activities for the kids

All Are Welcome!


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